夢入レゆ Yumeiri Reyu

Hi! I am Yumeiri Reyu.
Do you like ……Menhera Angel?
She is an angel apprentice living in the human world.
Her dream is to become a great angel by making friends all over the world through live stream.
She depends on Coke and chocolate, her favorite foods.
She has a very heavy love for her cat and her listeners, and her recent concerns about excessive sugar.
She has another dream that was born after she came to the human world.
It is to hold a splendid one-man live concert.


Live2D Modeler:makotok1

Hash tag:#Reyuyu
Fan art:#ReyuArt
Fun tag:#MiReyu
Fan name:みれゆ、MiReyu
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Yumeiri Reyu



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